Marriage in Sri Lanka

The minimum age of marriage in Sri Lanka is 18.  U.S. citizens planning to marry in Sri Lanka should be prepared to provide the following items:

  • Original Birth Certificate;
  • Valid Passport;
  • If either party was previously married, an original divorce decree; and
  • If either party was widowed, an original death certificate

U.S. citizens should also be aware that Sri Lankan law requires foreigners to spend at least four days (three nights) in Sri Lanka prior to notifying a marriage registrar of intended marriage. Once the registrar has been notified of the intent to marry, there is an additional waiting period of at least fourteen days prior to the date of the actual marriage registration.

The local marriage registrar may grant special permission for same day marriages in some circumstances. U.S. citizens wishing to marry under the special permission must still prove that they have been physically present in Sri Lanka at least four days (three nights) prior to the marriage. They may apply for the same day marriage registration at the marriage registrar’s office.

To be legally recognized under Sri Lankan law, marriages must be registered with a Marriage Registrar’s Office within your area of residence or the Divisional Secretariat.