Social Media Lab

Beginner Social Media.  This course is ideal for people with very limited knowledge about social media, and those wanting to get a basic understanding of what social media is all about. This course explains the fundamentals of social media + attempts to make sense of this arena. Areas we’ll cover include:

  • What is social media?  An introduction into facebook, twitter, youtube.
  • Facebook basics: creating an account, privacy settings, adding news sources, posting content, sharing content, likes;
  • What is Twitter? A brief overview and why it’s so useful;
  • What about YouTube,  A brief overview;
  • Search tips in Google;
  • Language translation tools + tips.

Intermediate Social Media.  This course explores the more advanced levels of social media essentials (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram) and how they can use social media to work for them.  Areas to cover include:

  • Intermediate Facebook
  • Everything You Need To Know About Twitter
  • Welcome to LinkedIn, How to find job opportunities and connect with professionals
  • Instagram basics
  • Photo/video editing for social media platforms

Anyone can register for free by completing the application given below and emailing it to Classes will be conducted only on Monday evenings from 1-5pm at the fully-equipped American Center computer lab. Each session is a day class. Applications will be reviewed on a first-apply basis, and candidates will be informed of enrollment status and course dates during February. Spots are limited!