Getting Started

Doing Business in Sri Lanka

Most exporters find using local distributors an easy first step for entering the Sri Lankan market.  Generally, this is the best method to successfully compete domestically as local firms are well versed in local business practices.  Many foreign firms select local agents on the basis of financial stability and technical capability.  Due diligence on suitability of a potential agent/distributor is essential prior to entering the local market.

Potential investors should first initiate discussions with the Board of Investment (BOI) prior to establishing a company or a liaison office in Sri Lanka. One-hundred-percent foreign ownership is allowed with certain exceptions. The list of the regulated areas where foreign ownership is limited or requires approval of the statutory agencies can be obtained from BOI

Visit the page on Sri Lanka to get an overview of economic conditions and opportunities.  Access the U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library containing more than 100,000 industry and country-specific market reports, authored by our specialists working in overseas posts.

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